Innovative healthcare solutions provider, Bevel Health Medical Group, continues to help victims of opiate addiction through the latest advancements in medicine

The team at Bevel Health Medical Group is not resting in its pursuit of helping as many people as possible in the United States and even other parts of the world to stay sober and free from opiate addiction, as it continues to upgrade its offering using top-notch solutions, including telemedicine. Bevel Health Medical Group has built a reputation for providing affordable and convenient treatment options to people struggling with addiction.

Opioid use disorder and opioid addiction have been described to be at epidemic levels not only in the US but across the globe. Recent reports reveal that about 3 million US citizens and as many as 16 million people worldwide have either suffered or are currently suffering from opioid use disorder (OUD). Over the years, several treatment options have been developed to help people suffering from OUD and related conditions. However, many of such options are not particularly accessible to millions, which is where Bevel Health Medical Group has been spectacular by enabling easy access to 21st-century opiate addiction treatment through technological advancements.

Bevel Health Medical Group has a team of well-trained and highly experienced professionals in the healthcare field, offering a plethora of wellness services to meet the specific needs of each client. The use of technology and integration of telehealth without compromising the quality of treatment offered has stood Bevel Health Medical out from other solutions providers.

The approach adopted by Bevel Health Medical Group is particularly unique, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved, ensuring patients do not spend long hours traveling to meet up with appointments while also delivering relatively affordable yet effective treatment options to clients.

I recently had an appointment with Bevel Health and was extremely impressed with the level of care and attention I received. I highly recommend Bevel Health Medical Group to anyone in need of convenient treatment options.” – Ronald.