Bevel Health Medical Group Provides Lowest-Cost Treatment Options

Bevel Health Medical Group

February 21st, 10:13 AM EST Affordable Healthcare Options for All Patients Bevel Health Medical Group announces their commitment to providing affordable healthcare options to patients in need. Their innovative approach to medical treatment ensures that all patients can access quality medical care at the lowest possible cost. Bevel Health Medical Group understands that medical expenses can […]

Bevel Health Medical Group Leverages Technology

PRESS RELEASE Published January 23, 2023 By GetNews Innovative healthcare solutions provider, Bevel Health Medical Group, continues to help victims of opiate addiction through the latest advancements in medicine The team at Bevel Health Medical Group is not resting in its pursuit of helping as many people as possible in the United States and even other […]

Why some people become addicted and others don’t

April 12, 2022 The opioid epidemic remains lethal, with nearly 100,000 Americans dying from opioid overdoses in the last year.  Only about 10% of people who take opioids become addicted, and some of them struggle more than others to quit. Why some people become addicted and others don’t, and why some can quit and others cannot, is a […]

Opioid overdose deaths among teens have skyrocketed due to fentanyl

Opioid overdose deaths in adolescents rose far more rapidly than the general population between 2019 and 2021, according to a new study of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. The study found that deaths from opioid overdoses in teens ages 14 to 18 increased by 94% between 2019 and 2020 and by an additional 20% […]